SEATIDE Kick-off meeting, Chiang Mai; 1st SEATIDE Steering Committee meeting

1 February 2013

2nd SEATIDE Steering Committee meeting, Lisbon

2 July 2013

SEATIDE workshop “Ideas and mobility”, Cambridge

5 October 2013

European Policy Forum: "The EU and Southeast Asia", Directorate-General for Research and Innovation & European External Action Service, Brussels

28 November 2013

Research Workshop 1: "Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics of Exclusion", Work Package Papers and Discussion; 3rd Steering Committee meeting, Chiang Mai

13 February 2014

SEATIDE Work Package Leaders’ meeting, Brussels

27 April 2014

SEATIDE Participation in the Conference on “Research Meets Diplomacy: Europe as a Global Actor”, Brussels

5 June 2014

Dissemination Workshop 1: “Dynamics of Integration and Dilemmas of Divergence in Contemporary SEA”, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang

18 September 2014

Publications Workshop: "Online Papers: Discussion, Coordination", Penang

19 September 2014

Dissemination Workshop 2: "Economic Integration, Mobility and Work in Southeast Asia", Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi

2 February 2015

Research Workshop 2: "Discussion of Circulated Papers on National and Regional Integration"; SEATIDE Symposium: "Integration, A Model for Prosperity? A Perspective on Vietnam", Hanoi

3 February 2015

EEAS Southeast Asia Briefing 1: "Patterns of Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia", European External Action Service, Brussels

11 May 2015

EEAS Southeast Asia Briefing 2: "The Emerging Middle-Class and Democratisation in Southeast Asia", European External Action Service, Brussels

12 May 2015

SEATIDE 2nd Work Package Leaders’ Meeting, Brussels

3 June 2015

Dissemination Workshop 3: "Maritime Southeast Asia: Conflicts and Cooperation", Embassy of Indonesia, Brussels

4 June 2015