SEATIDE workshop “Ideas and mobility”, Cambridge
05 October 2013

On Saturday, 5th October 2013, researchers involved in SEATIDE’s Work Packages 3 “National and transnational circulation of people and goods” and 4 “National and transnational exchange of information” met at the Centre for History and Economics, Magdalene College, Cambridge, to share their ideas and experiences.

The workshop, entitled "Ideas and mobility", was an opportunity for researchers to present raw material from their fieldwork and to discuss avenues for the further development of their research.

Participants included young PhD students as well as advanced researchers in history, anthropology and political science, which allowed for stimulating and fruitful interdisciplinary discussion.

The team from Milano-Bicocca would like to express their warm thanks to Dr Tim Harper and Inga Huld Markan for their hospitality. They would also like to take part in similar meetings with other WPs, notably WP2, and recommend that these should be organised.