Analytical Framework Report: Knowledge (WP4)

WP4 shows how transnational exchanges of information contribute to social, economic and environmental sustainability in SEA. It explores how ideas travel across and beyond Southeast Asia and how they change in the process. It transcends the national and institutional frameworks, focusing on networks of people, as well as texts, objects and symbols that circulate.

WP4 is multidisciplinary but its participants share an interest in mapping out long-term patterns. It has three integrating strands. The first looks at networks and models of developmental and environmental thinking, with case studies on development ‘models’ and ‘conservation’ in Southeast Asia, and ideas and the experience of technocracy in Southeast Asia. The second is models of regional integration and emerging legal frameworks, on the circulation of legal practices and their impact over the long duration. The third is patterns of intellectual and educational exchange. A key question will be the relationship between the formal and non-formal sectors (including Islamic education) over the long duration: how has unequal access to economic opportunities shaped intellectual and educational exchanges?