Dissemination Workshop 2: "Economic Integration, Mobility and Work in Southeast Asia", Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi

On 2 February 2015, SEATIDE members gathered at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi, for the 2nd SEATIDE Dissemination Workshop “Economic Integration, Mobility, and Work in Southeast Asia”.

The event, which was co-organized by Prof. Nguyen An Ha, Director of the Institute for European Studies (VASS), Prof. Silvia Vignato of University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB), and the EFEO, focused on research conducted within the framework of SEATIDE’s Work Package 3, “National and transnational circulation of people and goods”.

Presentations were delivered by two panels: 1/ “Industrialization, Labour and Poverty”, chaired by Prof. Nguyen Quang Thuan, Vice-President of VASS and Prof. Yves Goudineau, SEATIDE coordinator and director of EFEO and 2/ “Work and Small Scale Mobility”, chaired by Dr Andrew Hardy. These included:

  • A critique of regional economic integration in East and Southeast Asia: middle income trap or uneven development trap?, Pietro Masina (Naples l’Orientale)
  • 'Urban', 'formal' and 'better-off'? The case of Vietnamese internal migrant workers at Thang Long Industrial Park, Hanoi, Vietnam, Michela Cerimele (Naples l’Orientale)
  • Industrial work and vulnerability: results of field studies in three northern provinces of Vietnam, Do Ta Khanh (VASS)
  • Looking for a job, looking for an income: small scale mobility as a resource or a trap for unskilled labourers, with a focus on Aceh, Silvia Vignato (UNIMIB)
  • A site for workers: building sites, mobility and danger in East Java, Matteo Alcano (UNIMIB)
  • After the gold rush: opportunities and disillusions among gold miners in West Aceh, Giacomo Tabacco (UNIMIB)

More than 50 people, including representatives of the Vietnam Ministry of Labour and General Confederation of Labour as well as of the national and European Embassies to Vietnam, attended the Workshop and participated in the closing roundtable discussion on “How can Southeast Asia and Europe cooperate to promote access to the labour market and better working conditions?” chaired by Prof. Franciscus Verellen, SEATIDE special advisor.

This event was held back-to-back with the SEATIDE Symposium “Integration, A Model for Prosperity? A Perspective on Vietnam” and 2nd SEATIDE Research Workshop (3-5 February 2015) where researchers worked on a series of papers to be published at the end of the project.