Madinier, Rémy
École française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO)
Brief bio :
Rémy Madinier (Dr.) is CNRS research fellow (in Jakarta until 2011), EFEO associate researcher and CASE member (EHESS). He is a renowned specialist of religious issues in SEA, especially Islam (book on The End of Innocence? Indonesian Islam and the Temptation of radicalism).
Individual Project :

Jesuits and Javanese Islam Since 1896: Contribution to the History of Indonesian Religious Identity 

Rémy Madinier’s research project deals with the formation of a national religious identity in Indonesia as seen through the relations between the Jesuits and Islam. The role of different faiths in the development and evolution of the original religious statu quo established by the Pancasila state ideology (a religious state but not an Islamic one) has been quite extensively studied over the last twenty years, by both Indonesian and Western scholars. But these researches have generally focused on Islam or Christianity, and more rarely on Hinduism and Buddhism. Moreover these studies have taken into account only marginally the dynamics of interfaith relations - that is to say: how the different communities did change their positions based on those of others?

In this respect, the history of relations between the Jesuits and Indonesian Islam since the end of 19th century is of paramount importance. Firstly because of the role Jesuit had in the development of this national religious status quo and secondly because Muslim reactions to their influence was part of a wider Islamic radicalization phenomenon which hardly criticized the Pancasila. This research is conducted through an extensive exploration of Jesuit archives related to Indonesia (in Java, Roma and The Netherlands) and of Indonesian Muslim sources (press and Islamic organizations archives) to be completed with interviews.

Group of young Javaneses in Moentilan, circa 1910