Bolotta, Giuseppe
University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB)
Brief bio :
Giuseppe Bolotta is a psychologist and 3rd year PhD candidate in Cultural and Social Anthropology at the Università di Milano-Bicocca. He is conducting field-work on "slum children" in Bangkok (Thailand) focusing on the interconnection between identity processes, childhood suffering, social politics and religion. Beside doing his doctoral thesis, he is a lecturer in "Forensic Psychopathology and Clinical Criminology' at the postgraduate Master Degree, University San Raffaele of Milan.
Individual Project :

Since the 70s, the international concern about the conditions of slum children (dek salam), have brought several NGOs and aid institutions to act as new political actors in the scenario of the Thai capital urban poverty. A political construction of categories such dek salam, and the resulting slum children’s typical mobility between charities and institutions of care, has enabled slum dwellers to access new strategic institutional outposts, namely the NGOs.

Giuseppe Bolotta's study is based on an ongoing fieldwork focusing on the life of children of “Tuek Deang”, the third Bangkok slum for population density. I’ve been living with “Tuek Deang” children and their families since March 2011.

It specifically aims to analyze:

The general research methodology is an ethnographic participatory and interpretative methodology starting from the lived experiences and inner worlds of the social actors.

Bangkok slum children on the railway bordering their community