Tabacco, Giacomo
University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB)
Brief bio :
Giacomo Tabacco is a 2nd year PhD candidate who graduated from Università di Roma “La Sapienza” with a medical-anthropology thesis entitled “The neglected health: strategies and complexity in a Jakarta industrialized area”. His principal research interests lie in the field of migration, labour and suffering. He is currently conducting fieldwork on gold mining migrant and indigenous workers and their all-male communities in the highlands of Calang (Aceh, Indonesia). Individuals and goods mobility, loneliness, anxiety and prosperity are keys to this framework.
Individual Project :

As of May 2014, Giacomo Tabacco started his third PhD fieldwork about community goldmining in the Aceh Jaya district (Aceh, Indonesia). He is now extensively connecting with freelance miners, goldmines' employees and small scale young entrepreneurs as well as diachronically observing the life's events of some goldminers he has met since his first fieldwork, which took place in March 2013. The focus of next months' activities will be on the goldmines as hubs of circulation for district's youth, workers from other areas of the Aceh province and Javanese migrants. He will also take into account the relations between local and national/transnational routes of mobility. Besides, he will concentrate on the immaterial aspects of prosperity and failure through hard work and risky tasks at the mines. For instance, the moral properness of easy money and the workers' feelings of shame and apathy when home paired up with their sense of respectability and excitement while mining. Finally, he wishes to consider how responsibilities and hopes of the goldminers are related to their gender. Families and brides-to-be often urge males to get married and have responsibilities as husbands. As for the goldminers, they are glad to comply but, on the other hand, they enjoy the temporary freedom of their all-male communities and look forward to their next expedition.

Aceh goldmines: youth migrants, risks, responsibilities, riches