Do Ta, Khanh
Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)
Brief bio :
Do Ta Khanh is a researcher at the Institute for European Studies. He got his bachelor degree at Vietnam National University in international studies, 1999. He then obtained his Master degree at Roskilde University (Denmark), 2005. He is currently a PhD student at Graduate Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi. He recently focuses on social research particularly relating to industrial workers and working life. During the past few years, he has been project manager and team leader of several international projects, such as “Grassroots Democracy and Participatory Budget” (2006-2007; “Empowerment of Workers and Trade Unions in Vietnam” (2009-2011); “Opportunities for social protection policies in Vietnam: response to globalization, population change and poverty in view of Swedish experience” (2011-2012); “Strengthening the workers’ right and representation” (2012-2014). He has also published dozen of articles in his field of study. Besides research work, he also takes part in teaching activity as a visiting lecturer at different universities, such as Vietnam National University, Hanoi; Trade Union University.
Individual Project :

Within the framework of WP3, the Italian and Vietnamese team conducted fieldwork in November and December 2013 in the Thang Long Industrial Park (Hanoi). The team was led Michela Ceremele (University of Naples “L’Orientale”). The fieldwork focused on industrial workers, particularly migrant workers, with two main research issues: the in-fact informalisation of jobs and the systems of migrant labour. Further research in Vietnam will be conducted between June to August 2014 in Hai Duong, Vinh Phuc and Bac Ninh provinces. At the beginning of March 2014 in the framework of an annual trip abroad funded by the Vietnam Academy of Social Scieinces, Dr. Nguyen An Ha and Do Ta Khanh attended the international conference “Agriculture and Countryside in the Systemic Transformation – Visagrade 4 versus other European and Asian countries”, in Warsaw, Poland. Dr. Nguyen An Ha presented a paper on “Vietnam’s Labour Market in the Context of International Integration”, which focused on development of the labour market in Vietnam after Vietnam implemented its policy of doimoi in 1986. Do Ta Khanh presented a paper on “Migrant Workers and Rural Population in the Process of Industrialisation in Vietnam” which highlighted the relationship between the current migration to industrial zones and demographic changes in the rural area.